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    "It’s that thing when you’re with someone and you love them and they know it, and they love you and you know it. But it’s a party! And you’re both talking to other people and you’re laughing and shining and you look across the room and catch each other’s eyes. But…but not because you’re possessive or it’s precisely sexual but because that is your person in this life. And it’s funny and sad but only because this life will end. And it’s this secret world that exists right there ib public unnoticed that no one knows about. It’s sort of like how they say that other dimensions exist all around us, but we don’t have the ability to perceive them. That’s what I want out of a relationship or just life, I guess."


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More than two centuries after Goethe’s pioneering work on the psychology of color and emotion, a very ugly but informative infographic on how various brands are using the emotion of color in their logos. 
Pair with the visual evolution of famous logos.
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    Trailer for Dear Mr. Watterson, a documentary about the beloved creator of Calvin & Hobbes. Complement with Watterson’s timeless 1990 Kenyon College commencement address on creative integrity.

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  4. ready,fire,aim: why entrepreneurs don't sleep well


    imagine the perfect night’s sleep. For me, it involves sliding into cool bedsheets, closing my eyes, marveling briefly at how tranquil and undisturbed my thoughts are, and fading into a deep and restful slumber. Maybe I wake up once, around 2am, marvel at the fact that I have 4 or 5 hours more…

  5. "Read, read, read, read, read. Read everything. You can’t work unless you know the world, and outside of living in the world the best way to learn about the world is to read about it."

    In a speech delivered upon receiving an honorary doctorate, actor John Goodman echoes philosopher Judith Butler on the value of reading and adds to our ongoing archive of invaluable advice on life. (via explore-blog)

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    Very early on in writing the series, I remember a female journalist saying to me that Mrs Weasley, “Well, you know, she’s just a mother.” And I was absolutely incensed by that comment. Now, I consider myself to be a feminist, and I’d always wanted to show that just because a woman has made a choice, a free choice to say, “Well, I’m going to raise my family and that’s going to be my choice. I may go back to a career, I may have a career part time, but that’s my choice.” Doesn’t mean that that’s all she can do. And as we proved there in that little battle, Molly Weasley comes out and proves herself the equal of any warrior on that battlefield.

    J. K. Rowling, born on July 31, 1965, on the women of Harry Potter. Pair with motherly advice from literary icons and women writers on the choice not to have kids

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    If you have a gift with words, learn to keep your mouth shut; when you speak, punctuate with pause; and when you have nothing to say, say nothing.


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